See Gunners – Arsenal Football Club Supporters

The See Gunners is the home of the supporters club in the South West of England. We cover all the areas and all Arsenal Fans can join us any time. We meet for every Arsenal match at the pub in the town center, full address details are here.

Come along with your Arsenal shirt and support the mighty Gunners play. We have been going for the past 10 years and have a group of around 50 consistent members. We always try to arrange match tickets for the Premier League and FA Cup and will post details when we have them for the coming seasons.

Even if you are not a passionate Arsenal fan then we are always looking for members to join us and go to games, watch on the television and have an all around good time for the matches. With this we welcome anyone who wants to join. If you are in Essex for an Arsenal match then please feel free to reach out and join us. Most of us are passionate Arsenal fans and will not miss a match, whether that’s on the TV or at the Emirates stadium.

For ticket enquiries then use the home page for more information. We don’t have a membership fee to join SEE Gunners but we do ask that you help and contribute to the running of the club. This is a non-profit club and anything we do make goes back into helping us provide a better experience, bigger TV for the clubhouse 🙂


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